Friday, July 6, 2018

Friends Forever

 Leann came to visit. It was wonderful. We didn't do a whole lot of crazy stuff, but we just got to hang out the same the same house. I loved it!

We did take a trip out to Camp Yamhill to show the W kids the beauty and fun! I think they had a good time.

Lining up for the flying squirrel.

A dip in Inspiration Point

On Hazel's birthday there was a silly string war. Next time we'll get larger cans, and more of them. It will be epic.

After a fun week in Newberg we headed to the beach at Pacific City.

It's always fun to find interesting things to play with, dead, alive, or squishy.

Such a beautiful day to play in the ocean. The ocean was still freezing, but once you're numb who cares!

The girls wanted to see what it was like to wash up on the beach like seaweed.

Time to get sand in all the crevices.

2 of my favorite people! Aren't they cute.

This picture looks like Ryan is giving Leann some love, but what he was really doing was dragging her into the ocean. 

I am so thankful that even after years of not living in the same time zone she is still my dearest favoritest most wonderful best friend in the world. 

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