Sunday, March 20, 2016

1st Anniversary

I found a roll of film recently and had it developed. It was kinda like Christmas, because I didn't know what I was going to find on the film.
I found pictures from our trip to stay at the Embarcadero in Newport on our first anniversary.

Taken from the balcony

Look how young and skinny and clueless cute we were

We went to the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse 

It was like a nice trip down memory lane and a fun surprise

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Shower

The shower is done! Yay! Tile and grout is no fun, but we persevered and it looks great!  Now all that's left to do in the bathroom is the floor and vanity. I can see the end! =)

We did put in a little personal touch to the rock border. We removed a few of the preset stones and replaced them with agates the girls have been collecting. I love how it turned out.

Monday, March 7, 2016

A Corner of My World 2

 Here is another corner of my fridge. I love looking at this stuff every day.


- A picture I got in my Woodard Christmas card this year of 3 cute kids I hope to see in person again soon.

- A very precious picture of me, Carrie, Mom, and my mom's best friend Linda. This picture was taken at my brothers wedding May 21st, 2005. Linda passed away in a car accident 1 year later on May 22nd, 2006. I sure miss her.

- A Branson magnet.  Branson was home for 3 years. Lots of WONDERFUL memories of those 3 years. I got to live in the same town as my Grandparents, LOVED that and met a whole lot of wonderful people! Got to experience some Mid West summers, loved the heat, did NOT love the bugs.

- My Disneyland magnet....need I say more.

- Soccer pics. These are a couple of years old. But they are so cute!

- And a lot more homemade magnets made at 4H.